Bread + Butter Workshop

By Food Historian Anna O'Donnell

A taste of history. Learn from our Culinary Historian Anna, how to make the most basic things we have in life: bread and butter. You can expect to get your hands dirty, to get really involved in the process. When you’ll do the butter making for example, you will work on the butter churn and you will wash the butter and you will rinse it and then you will use the buttermilk for making bread. It’s a communal effort and people will get involved within this beautiful workshop, everybody in the room.

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Gort, Co. Galway:



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Anna is a culinary historian who has worked in the research and preparation of food from around the world, using methods that date back centuries. She wants to connect people back to that process that we seem to have lost touch with.


Anna is mobile and will work with the environment available. She has roasted pigs on spits, bakes bread in holes in the ground, and prepared feasts in four star kitchens, It all depends of what you want.


Hands on workshops in culinary methods from the past making bread and butter + Learn the basics of the chemistry behind bread + At the end you’ll eat all of it and might have some pickles and cheese or some jam, things to have with the bread and butter

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